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Reality Steve Bachelor 2017: Who Does Nick Pick On The Finale?

14 February 2017, 05:41 | Max Haynes

Vanessa Told Nick She Loves Him On'The Bachelor & He Didn't Give Her The Response She Wanted Source Rick Rowell ABC

Vanessa Told Nick She Loves Him On'The Bachelor & He Didn't Give Her The Response She Wanted  
       Source   Rick Rowell  ABC

So with that, they went to the Bahamas. So, she did what she does best: tried to steal more time with Nick.

The other women were somber - except for Corinne, who had her eyes on the prize.

Back at the hotel, Corinne is telling Rachel all of her theories about Vanessa's date card.

Naturally, The Bachelor wants this to be The Most Important Episode Ever and is playing up how upset Nick's departure makes the six remaining contestants. "I really, really like you, but it is incredibly important for me, if I'm lucky enough to feel love or say "I love you" in this role, that I only say it to one person", he responded. Could you imagine the panic if Nick actually chose to quit the show? After walking her out, Nick said on camera, "As great as it is to have that intimacy, we all make mistakes, but I don't want to make the same mistake I made with Kaitlyn". When she did finally tell him that she felt really open to the future with him, he clearly didn't feel the same way.

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Kristina quickly bailed and Nick went after her. Thankfully, she's got a Beyoncé-esque breeze blowing through her hair right now, so there's a good chance Nick isn't even listening. They closed the door, so we couldn't see what was going on (thankfully), but we could hear (unfortunately). Nick turned down Corinne's advances on The Bachelor, and it was a big moment for his season and his evolution as the Bachelor. All of Nick's relationships are called into question.

Nick told Corinne that it would be unfair to the other women, who are playing by commonly observed Bachelor rules regarding physical intimacy, for them to take advantage of sneaking off together.

In front of Nick, she covers her tracks and is as sweet and ~innocent~ as can be. But the episode ended with what looks like him gearing up to send someone else home.

Corinne keeps her eyes on the prize and never strays. (This in no way reflects on St. Thomas, which is getting a truly bad rap from this entire experience.) The women still can't believe what happened last night when, as our helpful recapper Raven puts it, Nick realized the potential of not finding his partner here... again.

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