March 19, 2018

Womb Transplant: Indian doctors successfully conduct surgery in Pune

19 May 2017, 03:24 | Rodolfo Wallace

The surgeons will retrieve the uterus using a laparoscopic technique which is expected to shorten the duration of the procedure

The surgeons will retrieve the uterus using a laparoscopic technique which is expected to shorten the duration of the procedure

The frozen embryos are implanted in the womb after the transplantation so that the couple could conceive.

The hospital has been granted a licence by the state's Directorate of Health Services to carry out the uterus transplant, as per a TOI report. Women don't need a womb to survive. Both the recipients and donor will be made to go through a screening before going through the procedure. These are risky and expensive elective surgeries done to help women born without a uterus or with irreversible uterine damage to have their own child using in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

The institute is all set to carry out another womb transplant on Friday on a 24-year-old woman who suffers from Asherman's Syndrome and will similarly be receiving her mother's womb. But will have to continue to take immuno-suppressant drugs for the rest of her life to prevent her body from rejecting the uterus.

There's more bad news.

NCSC urges vigilance in wake of cyber attack
National Cyber Security Center has released guidance to help both home users and organisations limit the impact of the attacks. The unprecedented WannaCry global cyber attack beginning on Friday has unleashed a new wave of criticism directed at the NSA.

Microsoft says NSA to blame for Wannacry
And, she says because there are multiple variants of the WannaCry ransomware, it is still a very serious worldwide cyber threat. A 22-year old security researcher in the United Kingdom discovered a "kill-switch" to initially stop the spread of the attack.

Ransomware hits 'hundreds of thousands' of China PCs
The last two hospital diverts put in place following the ransomware cyber attack were lifted in the early yesterday afternoon. The malicious software was transmitted via email and stolen from the National Security Agency, reports the New York Times .

Dr Puntambekar reportedly said, "The success of the transplant can be assessed after a month when the recipient will undergo sonography and other tests to ensure the fitted uterus is functioning properly or not". Calling the Pune attempt "a risky escapade of surgical cowboys wanting to be the first in their country and to get publicity and fame", he warns that the donor and recipient are at very high risk of complications, such as bleeding, infection, and rejection of the transplanted womb.

"What is planned in Pune is a unsafe escapade of surgical cowboys wanting to be the first in their country and to get (worldwide) publicity and fame easy", Dr Mats Brännström, who led the world's first womb transplant in Sweden in 2012, told Hindustan Times. "Since they knew about the uterus transplant, they approached us and accepted the surgery option", he said.Fortunately, her mother was found to be a medicallysuitable uterus donor for her.

Saying that the donor, recipients and their families wanted the transplantation is not ethical. Once the transplant is successful it could bring hope to a lot of women who want to be a mother and struggling with infertility.

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