February 23, 2018

Zomato's rotten security sees hackers make off with 6.6 million user passwords

19 May 2017, 12:30 | Ross Houston

Zomato's rotten security sees hackers make off with 6.6 million user passwords

Zomato's rotten security sees hackers make off with 6.6 million user passwords

Apparently, the Zomato hacker has agreed to not sell all the user-names and passwords he has managed to steal, in return for the company to set up a bug bounty program! According to information security blog and news website HackRead, the data was being peddled online on the "dark web" for about $1,000. "Your payment information is absolutely safe, and there's no need to panic", Zomato said.

Assuring its users that their credit card information on Zomato is fully secure, the company said "payment related information on Zomato is stored separately from this (stolen) data in a highly secure PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) compliant vault".

Zomato, which claims to have 120m monthly users, said that no financial information or other details were accessed by the hackers. Nonetheless Zomato has asked all users to change passwords for any other services where they used the same password.

"The hashed password can not be converted/decrypted back to plain text - so the sanctity of password is intact in case users' use the same password for other services", the blog post read. "We don't have passwords for these accounts -therefore, these users are at zero risk".

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It reiterated that only five data points were exposed - user IDs, Names, Usernames, Email addresses, and Password Hashes with salt.

"It is a good thing to see that Zomato was following a good practice of hashing the passwords before storing it on their database, but saying "The hashed password can not be converted/decrypted back to plain text" is misleading", Saket Modi, CEO and Co-founder of Delhi-based IT risk assessments provider Lucideus, told IANS.

MediaNama has written to Zomato to confirm whether it used the outdated MD5 algorithm, and whether it stored salt values on the same server as the passwords. "This has happened in the past", Modi informed. All the user accounts were secure, it stated.

Hence, nearly all the hacked and hashed accounts were broken. Also, the identity of the hacker has been kept confidential. In addition, the firm claimed that 60% of its user base actually logs in via OAuth services, using Google and Facebook and the like - so their passwords are safe. He/she wanted us to acknowledge security vulnerabilities in our system and work with the ethical hacker community to plug the gaps. This isn't the first time though, as previously, an Indian hacker named Anand Prakash had hacked into the database to show the flaws and that was acknowledged by Zomato, with the measures taken to seal the loophole.

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