January 21, 2018

Why Entrepreneurs Carry Business Cards

01 September 2017, 03:04 | Austin Hogan

Why Entrepreneurs Carry Business Cards

Why Entrepreneurs Carry Business Cards

Technology has changed the world and in the process, it has changed the world of business too. Networking – a crucial part of business success – is done digitally in today’s world. We connect with people mostly online, sending emails and making new introductions. So, do you need a business card in today’s digital world?

The answer to the question is a resounding ‘yes’. There are still plenty of reasons entrepreneurs choose to carry business cards with them. Here are the most convincing reasons for printing a few good old-fashioned business cards.

It’s an effective direct marketing tool

Business cards are, in essence, another marketing tool at your disposal. Every entrepreneur knows that exposure isn’t bad and that marketing opportunities don’t tend to fall from the sky. Therefore, you definitely hang on to any that you find and in terms of direct marketing, business cards are the kings.

The reason a business card trumps an email is the personal connection that goes with it. While you might be able to write an email to hundreds of people, none of them will actually have to connect with you when they read it. With a business card, you are making a real life connection – the handshake that goes along with handing the business card is a crucial tool in ensuring the person pays attention and remembers you.

A business card makes the exchange of contact details personal. You add a real human face and story to your business – emails and LinkedIn requests can connect you to people but in an impersonal way. A real relationship requires deeper communication – this is why a business card can help you create a more meaningful connection.

It adds professionalism to everything you do

You never know when you are going to meet an interesting person. You might be having dinner with your family when you strike up a conversation with a supplier that could be good for your business. You might be attending the biggest sporting events in the world and suddenly a potential client wants to talk to you.

If at these moments, you start scrambling for paper or you have to pull out your phones to connect on Facebook, it all gets a bit unprofessional and time-consuming. On the other hand, if you can just go about your business and swap business cards in a matter of seconds, you show that you mean business. You seem prepared and professional – always ready to take on the world.

Carrying a business card around you and being prepared is not a big asked. Keeping ten cards in your pocket won’t take a lot of space and it’ll help ensure you never miss a business opportunity. So, make sure you add a stack of cards to all of your suit pockets.

It helps strengthen your business brand

Entrepreneurs can also use business cards as a branding tool. If you meet a potential business connection, there aren’t many ways you can highlight your business brand to them. You will have to wait for them to visit your website or store later and this can mean they’ve already forgotten about you.

However, with a business card, you help create a brand and make the person remember you better. A memorable business card will tell a story about your business – it shows the person what kind of entrepreneur you are and what are the business values and visions you adhere to.

If you succeed in creating a memorable business card, you don’t just connect deeper with the person you gave the card to. You can actually ensure your business card is shared further. If it’s a creative card, people will show it around – they will talk about it and therefore, talk about you.

It’s much more likely; someone will pass on a business card that’s intuitive then inform someone about an email address. Again, the first is a more personal option – in a world of impersonal technology, we tend to like things that connect us on a more human level.

Business cards are not costly or hard to design

Now, if you are looking to make your own business cards, getting started is super easy. You can find hundreds of templates online to help you design a beautiful business card. It’s also easy to find deals that help you print out a specific amount of business cards without it costing a fortune. discount codes are a good way to get started.

It’s important to pay attention to the kind of business cards you make. As mentioned above, you want something memorable and fitting for your brand. Make sure you also include plenty of information on your business cards – this included social media details such as your Twitter handle. Not everyone wants to connect via an email so including different contact options can be helpful.

Don’t assume the trusted business card is not useful any longer. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should carry a business card with you at all times. The above reasons would hopefully have convinced you to get your own right now. 

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