March 17, 2018

Simran Movie Review: Kangana Ranaut soars above the flaws in the Movie

16 September 2017, 12:58 | Max Haynes

Kangana Ranaut in Simran

Kangana Ranaut in Simran

For once, KRK was right about the super easy bank robberies. Kangana Ranaut's Simran hit the big screen today on 15th September. Simran, director Hansal Mehta tells me, is inspired by a spate of somewhat run-of-the-mill real-life bank robberies in the U.S. in recent years, including the most prominent of the lot: the drama surrounding the woman who came to be known as America's Bombshell Bandit, a young, glamorous Punjabi Sikh nurse called Sandeep Kaur who robbed a string of banks over a five-week period in the summer of 2014, before being arrested by the police following a high-speed highway vehicle chase. It is a smart and telling adjustment.

This can be both fantastic and alarming. Her mom said, "Then you get many!" They wrote, "Simran begins well but is soon taken over by its chaos". Creating situation in the script and inserting scenes in the film just to show the actors talent is not helpful in anyways. None of these other gears work well enough, and the eventual result is tedious. While Kangana Ranaut as Praful Patel, slips into this avatar effortlessly, the writing belies credibility. Of course, the whitewash for the protagonist is there - she has been reckless as a gambler, and she has lost her savings (kept to buy her own apartment), and she only wants to rob banks until she repays her angry and not very legal lenders, and not make it a habit, see? In fact, she lives the confusions, the catastrohpes, the let-downs and the deliberate happiness with the finesse of a seasoned performer. She wants to live her life on her own terms, away from the constant nagging of her parents to get married.

One evening, Praful Patel meets the game James Bond plays. Praful, much to her parents dismay, will not bend, will not conform, will not compromise. Most banks, it seems, don't even have security guards.

Praful is a sunny-natured woman with a large heart who has a no-nonsense approach to life.

Apurva Asrani has written a lovely yet strong character who is not the typical "Miss goody two shoes" nor does she has a complete darker angle to herself but is undoubtedly an opportunist.

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The performance of the lead actor in Simran is top notch. Her flawless performance covers up for the flaws in the story and her endearing antics makes up for the weakly sketched character that she plays. She needs to take a break from playing identical characters.

Kangana Ranaut has been making headlines for the past few weeks now. This is a bad move, leading to a prolonged climactic chase sequence featuring a leading lady who - we were told near the start of the film - is a poor driver.

The only one who is having a good time here is Kangana.

As India-West had previously reported "Simran" is loosely based on the real-life sensational story of Indian American Sandeep Kaur, a nurse-turned-bank robber dubbed as "Bombshell Bandit". The songs only add anything to the film.

The finest scenes in Simran are the ones where Ranaut is playfully bantering with a Las Vegas bartender. She takes to robbery and recovers the amount.

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