September 21, 2018

Children's plates, bowls recalled because of choking hazard

05 October 2017, 12:10 | Megan Pierce

Children's plates, bowls recalled because of choking hazard

Children's plates, bowls recalled because of choking hazard

The plates and bowls say Playtex on the bottom and have a colored rim and non-slip bottom.

At least 11 children have been found with plastic in their mouths, with four of them briefly choking, the United State Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a statement Tuesday.

Playtex is recalling sets of children's plates and bowls over concerns that a plastic layer could pose a choking hazard to young children.

They include printed designs that feature cars, princesses, construction scenes and other options. It can be removed from the plates and bowls, which could be harmful to small children.

The Canadian distributor of the products has informed Health Canada that the decals on the tableware can bubble or peel off, causing a choking hazard. It was $2.50 for a single plate or bowl and $15 for a mealtime set.

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Playtex is written on the bottom of these plates and bowls.

If you own any of the recalled products, stop using them immediately, and take them from young children.

Playtex Products and click on "Recall" for more information.

If you're one of the unlucky ones who has one of these bowls or plates, you have a couple of options to obtain a refund. The company can be reached by phone at 1-888-220-2075 or through its website.

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