July 19, 2018

Putting off the flu vaccine? Here are 5 Flu vaccine myths debunked

01 December 2017, 06:37 | Rodolfo Wallace

Putting off the flu vaccine? Here are 5 Flu vaccine myths debunked

Winter Influenza

Scherer announced the vaccine clinics as part of National Influenza Vaccination Week, which starts on December 3.

Overall, the findings from the study continue to support the benefits of flu vaccination and suggest that both increased flu vaccination coverage and increased flu vaccine effectiveness would help to prevent more flu-associated deaths.

But that doesn't mean we will see the same issue in the U.S.

"I think it's a good idea to be proactive, get the immunization, and then if you get the flu you're going to have to deal with it", said Dr. Czwalina.

"Definitely last week, when everyone was out for Thanksgiving and exposed to people coming from out of state and a lot more cold weather, we saw a huge uptick in it", said Remedios.

Poursina says, the early warning that the flu shot may not be as effective this year could actually be helpful in how medical professionals handle cases.

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Three types of influenza viruses affect people, Type A, Type B, and Type C. Flu vaccines include a mix of virus strains tailored to anticipate the upcoming flu season.

Between 2005 and 2014, flu vaccines averted 40,000 deaths in the United States alone. Their vaccine was only ten percent effective.

After citing preliminary data from Australia, they said the flu vaccine used this year is only 10 percent effective. Usually, these mutations don't affect the vaccine later on.

"People need to do what they can to keep themselves safe", Stevenson said. However, there have been hints in recent years, from Pekosz's work and that of others, that another gene encoding a viral protein called M2 may also contribute to this effect. Flu activity during the pandemic was dominated by 2009 H1N1 virus circulation, with nearly no seasonal viruses being detected during that time.

Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. Scientists manipulate these home-grown viruses to make them benign, or create a chemical lookalike, which-in the form of a vaccine-gives our immune systems a head start to prepare itself for future microbial invaders.

"It will make your illness shorter and less severe so its still worth getting", Stevenson said.

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