February 25, 2018

'Deadpool 2' Trailer: First Footage Of Josh Brolin As Cable

08 February 2018, 09:37 | Max Haynes

The real star in Cable's first 'Deadpool 2' trailer is a dragging of Henry Cavill's mustache

Deadpool Takes on Flashdance in New Poster for Sequel

20th Century Fox has released a new trailer for their upcoming, sure-to-be-massive Deadpool sequel, which as yet remains untitled.

This is followed by some Justice League shade, as he references their bad job of digitally removing Henry Cavill's (Superman) facial hair: "It's not like we're trying to remove a moustache!"

I'm just glad that we get to see more Deadpool advertising because the ads from the first film were wonderful.

Cable has been featured alongside Deadpool before in a separate comic series, Cable & Deadpool.

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Oh yeah, and the entire middle of the trailer is Deadpool playing with the action figures because they joke about the 3D for Cable's arm not being done. It's very rare that you could squeeze so much content into a trailer and at the same time describe in no way what the actual plot is about. You can see it on the shields of the soldiers that Cable is fighting as well as on the yellow jumpsuits (prison uniforms?) that various characters are wearing. The scene pauses and Ryan Reynolds, who speaks in the background, utters angry words as to how visual effects are not ready yet.

There's a lot more to this new "Deadpool 2" teaser than just Cable being a badass.

The latest untitled Deadpool movie poster. He states that he was born into war and shortly after, Deadpool promptly interrupts the trailer to let us all know what Josh Brolin wears on his arm before the CGI is done.

Other stars returning from the first Deadpool include Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Stefan Kapicic as the voice of Colossus. The cards were stacked against it from the jump but through sheer determination and passion, it came to life and everyone was the better for it. Making Deadpool was a risk.

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