September 23, 2018

Amazon's Alexa randomly laughs at users and nobody knows why

11 March 2018, 01:04 | Megan Pierce

Amazon's Alexa randomly laughs at users and nobody knows why

Amazon's Alexa randomly laughs at users and nobody knows why

This isn't enabling compound requests, so you won't be able to ask Alexa to set your nightly alarm and lock your front door all in one request, but you'll at least be able to cut down slightly on the time and number of words necessary for those multiple actions. If you have anything else to ask her, you can just ask it without needing to say her name first. In this duration, the blue ring on an Alexa speaker will continue to be lit to indicate that the voice-activated speaker is listening.

People even took to Twitter to complain one user said: "Lying in bed about to fall asleep when Alexa on my Amazon Echo Dot lets out a very loud and creepy laugh. there's a good chance I get murdered tonight". This new feature lessens the struggles that users have when they need to constantly repeat a trigger word in order to make a series of requests.

With Follow-Up Mode, the digital assistant listens for five seconds after she's finished responding. Amazon said that Alexa now has a new feature which lets users say the words "stop" and "thank you".

Not anymore. Follow-Up Mode changes all that.

Locate and select your Echo device.

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According to the reports, the "follow-up mode" is opt-in and available for every device in the Echo lineup and some third-party Echo devices as well.

Go to Alexa on the web.

Follow-up mode will not activate if you are talking to someone using the call feature, listening to your favourite songs, or enjoying an audiobook.

So, it'll be interesting to see how well this feature works going forward. This is going to be a great aid to numerous people that use Alexa because, at certain points, one feels the need to stop the conversation if other things intervene.

The feature is now only available in US English in the US.

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