August 15, 2018

Destiny 2: Forsaken Will Include New Locations, Game Mode and More

05 June 2018, 11:02 | Megan Pierce

Destiny makers Bungie working on new game with Chinese publisher

The next two weeks could make or break the 'Destiny' franchise

Called the Tangled Shore, the new location is an incredibly desolate looking area of strung up asteroids that come bearing a new type of enemy, the Scorn.

Bungie will also be adding Gambit mode, which combines PVP and PvE in a unique way...

Now, with the Queen of the Reef missing after the events of the first game's House of Wolves expansion, it's fallen into lawlessness, making the Reef a frontier that semi-officially marks the border of human-controlled space. New rules around weapons, armor, and character classes.

According to a blog post they want to become "an entertainment company that sustains many worlds simultaneously - Destiny and new worlds to come". The expansion will add new destinations, a new game mode and expand on the games story mode. In addition to an improved mod and masterworks system, a new way of slotting weapons will be introduced.

One of the newest features is that players will be able to customize their own weapons, which can gain in strength and firepower over time. It marks version 2.0 of Destiny 2 and begins the second year of its run. While it's not a whole new subclass element, each class gets new supers within the other elements, like the fire knives for the Hunter, massive solar hammer for the Titan, or teleporting Void Warlock.

All that said, and we're only at the halfway point for the vidoc.

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PvP and PvE will be "married" like never before which will be showcased the most through the new mode, the previously mentioned Gambit.

In Gambit, two teams of four will race to summon a Primeval enemy and be the first to "burn it down". This was only a teaser of what's to come, with a much bigger reveal planned for this year's E3.

Many gamers are also wondering if NetEase could bring Bungie's games to mobile. Meanwhile, a new Collections menu will help you keep track of collectibles.

Bungie has officially revealed their Year 2 content with the promise that the accumulation of all fan feedback regarding Destiny 2 has been not only considered but also applied to the next big step for the FPS.

The Forsaken expansion, which will kick off Year 2 on September 4, will take place on The Reef, as previously rumored, and will feature a "Western revenge vibe" built around a major breakout from the Prison of Elders.

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