January 17, 2019

Blizzard announces its first mobile-only Diablo game

04 November 2018, 02:18 | Megan Pierce

World of Warcraft: Classic Demo Limits Play to 60 Minutes

Okay maybe not THAT retro. That's a shot of the pre-alpha version

Blizzard describes Diablo Immortal as a "full-fledged action RPG" just like it's PC counterpart and it's interesting to see how it's all going to work out.

The fan who asked the question later posted on Reddit as user Dontinquire (h/t Eurogamer), saying he felt "terrible" for Diablo principle designer Wyatt Cheng, who had to field the comment on stage.

During the BlizzCon opening ceremony, Blizzard announced Diablo: Immortal, a brand-new Diablo game made exclusively for iOS and Android mobile devices, but the Diablo community has reacted extremely negatively. In "Diablo Immortal" the story picks up after the events of the "Diablo II" expansion, "Lord of Destruction", wherein the World Stone has been shattered into fragments by the hand of the angel Tyrael.

At launch the title will feature nine outdoor zones which sounds like Blizzard will continue supporting this game after launch, possibly indicating DLC down the road. Players will be able to team up with others in open area locales, but the game will also feature more than a few instanced dungeons. Aside from providing cinematic trailers which detailed the story once more, the gameplay footage which showcases high-definition visuals and other enhancements blew gamers away. The game is being co-developed by Blizzard and NetEase.

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The breach was first discovered in September and the messages were reportedly obtained through unnamed rogue browser extensions. Behind the scenes, though, the extension would connect to Facebook and steal information from a victim's logged in account.

"I don't think mobile should be a dirty word", Cheng said, explaining that the developers at Blizzard play and enjoy games on all platforms. They are also making balance changes to heroes, units, and buildings in order to take Warcraft III's gameplay into the modern age.

Diablo Immortal will allow players to play six classes familiar to Diablo players: Crusader, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, Barbarian, Wizard, and Monk.

Diablo Immortal does not have a release date. They then added that it was important that this was an all new Diablo experience since Diablo III is already sort of in that portable market space. Gamers can expect more classes over time; here's hoping the Bard, Druid, and Amazon return to the game.

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