January 19, 2019

Nancy Pelosi says a sitting president can be indicted despite DOJ guidelines

03 January 2019, 03:08 | Rodolfo Wallace

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Has a Violent, But Interesting Description for How Her Mother Will Handle Enemies as Speaker

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez already has plans to defy Pelosi

Among the first tasks of the 116th Congress will be ending a almost two-week government shutdown that has left one quarter of federal agencies shuttered due to lapsed funding. It's not ending anytime soon. Trump wants his wall and has made enforcing immigration laws a priority.

She added, "We're talking about border security".

Hovering in the background of the new 116th Congress will be the threat of impeachment, and it is all but certain that some liberal Democrats will introduce proceedings to remove the president from office.

Even if Democrats believe some of Trump's actions clear the threshold of "high crimes and misdemeanors", Pelosi has downplayed the prospects of impeachment. They're in no mood to play ball.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called the House Democrats' budget plan a "nonstarter" and urged them to get "serious" if they want to end the current deadlock. The Republicans increased their majority in the Senate, so there's a 100 percent guarantee that whatever the House passes the Senate will kill. A core group of rank-and-file Democrats has hungered for new leadership, saying it's time for a new generation to take the helm. "No, nothing for the wall", Pelosi said.

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So far, Democrats have given no signs of needing to revise the measure to win votes - and assuming its passage Thursday afternoon, Pelosi plans to move quickly to vote on legislation that would reopen portions the government that have been closed for almost two weeks amid a standoff over money demanded by President Trump for a border wall.

On Thursday, Pelosi will introduce two bills to fund the shuttered agencies, but she noted that they "contain no new wall funding".

Nancy Pelosi (puh-LOH'-see) is hours away from taking back the gavel as House speaker when the new Congress convenes and Democrats assume control.

"At a time when climate change threatens our planet, when our infrastructure is crumbling, when 30 million people have no health insurance, I'm concerned that the concept of PAYGO will make it harder for Congress to address the many crises facing our working families", he said in the social media missive. "Nothing for the wall". The government shutdown has now stretched into its second week, with hundreds of thousands of government workers furloughed from their jobs.

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